Monday, January 09, 2012

Everlynn Serum

Everlynn Serum ni ada 5 Jenis  :

Oxygenating Serum - increase and moisture level to skin.energizing and strengthen the skin texture,,keep the beautifulness and youthfulness to skin

Puryfying Serum - reduce and clear breakouts and blemishes..calm down oily skin condition

Collagen Serum -  for skin tissue repairing and protection.smooth wrinkles and fine lines,moisturize and enhance elasticity.keep the suppleness and youthfulness to skin

Hydrating Serum - provide the moisturizing factors to skin.increase and keep the content of water in the skin.rehydrating and softening the skin

Lightening Serum - effectively lighten dark, dull and uneven skin clear skin spots

1 box ada 8 botol
1 botol boleh gune 4-5 kali

1 box of SERUM

PRICE : RM 120/ box
boleh beli secara loose
RM 18/bottle

Direction of use: touch the serum with your clean finger 3-4 spots at your forehead. Apply gently upwards to all your face. Can be use before the Night repair cream. (Means bleh pkai waktu mlm before nak tido. bgn pagi muke akn terase smooth je n of cos it repairs ur skin as well) Sesuai for all skin types and for age 18 and side effect as it has no is essence..;)


kredit to Everlynn Stokis Kuala Lumpur & kisahlina
more testimonial at Ladies Stuff page

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